COP28: The Perfect Shot: Antarctica premiered at Expo City Dubai turns heads

Dec 11, 2023

Dubai: “The Perfect Shot: Antarctica” — a poignant documentary on the impacts of climate change, showcased at COP28 turns heads.

This significant event aligned with the urgent call to action by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.-ADVERTISEMENT-Ads by

The Perfect Shot: Antarctica, produced by Canwell Media and directed by Quinn Halleck, follows the journey of famous Ukrainian nature photographer Artem Shestakov. It transcends traditional filmmaking, winning over 22 international awards, including Best Documentary, Best Environmental Film, and Best Nature Film.This global recognition underscores the film’s impact in raising awareness about the environmental crisis and aligns with UN Secretary-GeneralAntonio Guterres’ call to action. Its screening in the Blue Zone, amid crucial global discussions, uniquely positions it to influence and inspire world leaders and policymakers.

Seven part documentary

Habib Paracha, film producer from Pakistan, told Gulf News in Dubai that seven part documentary series has been planned following the successful release of the film at the COP28. “The first season of this series will consist of seven episodes, each dedicated to one of the seven continents.

"We want to show the impact of climate change on the environment and ecology, along with the loss of habitat for animals, imminent mass migration of humans and changes to agriculture and food security,” he added.

He said that the seven countries for the film are yet to be finalised in consultation with the UN. “For sure, Pakistan will be one of them as it’s personally very important to us given the devastating floods last year and the lack of climate resilient infrastructure,” he added.

Film's journey

The film’s journey to this prestigious platform has been bolstered by support from producer Habib Paracha and executive producers such as Melissa Ganzi and David Runyon whose contributions have been vital in bringing this crucial environmental message to the global stage.

Managed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Blue Zone is the nerve Centre of the COP 28 conference. Accessible exclusively to accredited delegates, this area hosts the formal negotiations, the World Climate Action Summit, and a host of other high-impact events including country pavilions, presidency events, and cultural activities.

The inclusion of “The Perfect Shot: Antarctica” in this vital zone underscores the film’s importance in the global climate narrative. This moment is made even more special thanks to Sustainable Impact Capital & Holding, whose steadfast support has been instrumental in bringing this project to COP28.

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featuring artem shestakov a film by quinn halleck produced by artem shestakov AND HABIB PARACHA Executive producer melissa ganzi AND david runyon

line producer bryce dressler story by danylo hauk
associate producers molly shelestak AND katherine brownson